Water, power services mostly reinstated

MUSCAT, MAY 28 – Most of the parts of Salalah and Dhofar began to receive public water supply after a two-day disruption, according to the residents. Electricity distribution in as many as 37 places has been restored while areas like Rakhyout, Dhalkout, Mirbat and Sadah are yet to get back the electricity supply. Most of the water distribution channels which were marred by the cyclone Mekunu were rectified, according to the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW). The lines from Salalah to Wadi Salalah, and Salalah to Raysut were put back to normalcy.
While people in most parts of Salalah started receiving water, a good number of people residing in places like Mirbat, Sanaiyya said they were yet to get their taps running and were awaiting the tankers.
“I live in Mirbat and at the moment, the only respite is the tankers that visit early morning and once or twice during other times. We hope the present crisis will be over soon”, said Mohammed Ashraf, an expat.
In Thamrait, residents heaved a sigh of relief as the supply resumed after two days of disruption. Fuel stations which were shut down after they were submerged have been operational since Sunday. As many as 84 per cent of them were declared to be operational. Out of the 61 fuel stations in this area, as many as 51 are working while the cooking gas distribution points have started serving the customers.
“The authorities in Dhofar Governorate have been working on rectifying the drinking water distribution and they are running some plants by diesel generators”, said Abdulla al Arafati, a senior engineer at the PAEW. “As an interim respite, the authorities have begun to supply water by tankers to all far-flung areas besides the city since Sunday”, he added.
Water scarcity gripped the city of Salalah and the outskirts after the deadly cyclone Mekunu wreaked havoc on the coastal city. Public distribution channel ran short of water as the water desalination plant was affected. Sembcorp Salalah Power and Water Company halted production of desalinated water at its Mirbat plant due to turbulent marine conditions unleashed by the cyclone.
Authorities further said that telecommunication services are mostly back on track and out of the 363 stations affected by the cyclone, 121 stations are now fully operational while work on 242 points are still continuing. All telecom services are currently reinstated.