Watch what apps you download online

MUSCAT, July 15 – Cyber specialists have warned against downloading or using some apps, whose users have been cheated of their money. Haitham al Hajri, Cyber Security Expert and Researcher, says mobile users should not divulge any information on phone to strangers posing to represent some organisation. The advice comes in the wake of a recent video — which has gone viral — in which an expatriate explains how he was duped by a stranger. “I received a call from a woman (unknown number) who asked for my details and social media accounts,” the man told the Observer.

Not only was he cheated of his money, his photographs were morphed and showed in bad light, and he was blackmailed. “I have approached the authorities. I am expecting some sort of relief,” he added. IT experts said data cannot be retrieved with just one call. “Watch out when you download apps. Some of them can put you in trouble when it is triggered by a call; it can steal all your data, images and videos, which could later be used for illegal purposes,” Al Hajri said.