If you want to hike price, pay fee

By Fahad Al Ghadani — MUSCAT: April 30 – Any company which wants to increase the price of its products needs to pay a fee now, according to a new decision taken by Public Authority for Consumer Protections (PACP). The decision, signed by the PACP chairman, says the company should inform the authority, get the new prices approved and pay the stipulated fee.
Each application submitted by establishments for increasing the price should not exceed 50 commodities.
While Grade 4 establishments must pay a fee of RO 100, the same will be raised by RO 100 for each grade. ‘Excellent Grade’ establishments should pay RO 500.
The PACP had recently issued executive regulations to further strengthen consumer protection in the Sultanate.
The new guidelines, coming just over two years since the promulgation of the Royal Decree regarding the Consumer Protection Law, came into force on March 13 this year.
These regulations seek to address all the shortcomings in the Consumer Protection Law.
For example, it deems a product as adulterated if it contains “foreign substances that may change its composition and affect its durability”. Likewise, it mandates printing of the product specifications on the package label as sought by regulatory agencies in the Sultanate.
Penalties have been toughened.
Prison terms ranging from one to two years, with fines up to RO 2,000 have been prescribed.
Actions that compromise the safety of consumers are punishable with jail terms ranging from 10 days to one year, with fines ranging from RO 100 to RO 2,000.
The new regulations have been welcomed by the public.