Waiting for the right break in life…

At one point of time everyone reaches a stage where one is anxiously waiting for the right break in life.
For most people it is after education, in a broad sense because it depends individually when we draw a line on completion of education. Students who are all set to graduate must be thrilled of stepping out into the real world, not realising truly the comfort of student life. In terms of age, it could be the best time in life, but we let it pass without even knowing the essence because we are so buried under exams and projects. This is in fact the only time we have constant shelter emotionally at least not to mention financially as well.
But it is also these very factors that urge us to grow independent. As the time comes to step out with your degree, the hunt for the job begins.
A local college hosted this year’s Inter College Career Fair, and was open to all students and the community. The ambiance was exciting as students checked out different opportunities.
The students, however, are aware that it is going to be a tough journey to secure the first job. If we were to look back at our own experience, I am sure we can recollect our moments too when we had our share of self-doubts. Even when you finally strike the opportunity we worry wondering if we could sustain the job.
There were hiccups and the point is we did overcome. The situations have changed though, but the insecurities remain. But a career fair gives a student an insight into what are the expectations of the job market. One thing is for sure as long as we need the job, the focus should be on how the job-seeker can fit into the organisation rather than whether the company suits the job seeker or not. This is debatable too. Yes, they say that one of the ultimate achievements would be job satisfaction. Experts point out it is all about how we package ourselves too — how we present ourselves in the CV as well as in person matters.
This is what the chief guest at the career fair had to say, “I think students should be realistic, you should have the homework done, understand the organisation you wish to engage with, be prepared for spot interviews, be professional in the way you present yourself and expand your horizon. Do not limit yourself to your own qualifications. Instead, look out for opportunities to excel.”
While we are in the protective environment, we do not know our drawbacks. It is the first job we secure that teaches us more because now we are applying for what we learnt. And if we thought exams and grading in school and college were too stressful, we realise in our very first job that we are going to be tested on a daily basis and challenges are a way of norm.
People are going to judge and we cannot do anything about it. We cannot complain to the teacher but continue to work amicably with the rest of the team. We learn that hierarchy of power and responsibility does exist. And one of the biggest qualifications that guarantee growth is to be responsible. We are attracted to positions and titles, but it is at the very first job we learn that power means responsibility.
But let us go back to finding our first job. There are many challenges and the first one would be moving from college to career. In the job market you are on your own, there is no professor to go back to.
“Students need to look into what they can take back to the company. They need to be convincing and showcase themselves. And very much keep an eye on all the available opportunities — often young graduates don’t realise that there are more opportunities than you think. In life we find many examples of graduates of many disciplines end up in very different career area. So I would explore students to explore and understand the organisation they want to be with and what they have to offer that could develop them further,” said an expert.
While the search will continue from generation to generation, the demands and requirements change each year. This is where the students need to be updated and given a chance to know the realities of the job market. There are expectations on either sides, but the ideal situation is job satisfaction
and in order to achieve that the best way to go forward would be to find one’s passion.