Wadi Al Minqal-Wadi Bani Jabir road complete

905974By Suad Al Alawiyah — SUR: Jan 22 – The ministry of Transport and Communications has finalised the construction of the Wadi Al Minqal-Wadi Bani Jabir road in the Wilayat of Sur. Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications said Wadi Al Minqal-Wadi Bani Jabir road project in the Wilayat of Sur will end the suffering of citizens residing in the villages adjoining the road and facilitates their movement especially during heavy rain.

Speaking at an inspection visit to the project, Al Futaisi said the project mark a new addition by using steel arch bridges for the first time in the Sultanate.  ‘He added that the project is in its first phase and the other phase has not been tendered so far but the designs have been finalised. The minister of transport and communications was accompanied during the inspection by Engineer Salim bin Mohammed al Naeemi, Transportation Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Shaikh Abdullah bin Mustahil bin Salim Shamas, Governor of South Al Sharqiyah, Shaikh Musalam bin Said al Mahrooqi, Wali of Sur.

The Wali of Sur said that the completion of the first phase of the project will be a great help for the citizens who suffered too much using unpaved rugged roads as the new road links all the townships of Wadi Bani Jabir. With 34 crossing viaduct, the 16.7-km road will be able to withstand heavy rains thereby benefitting all the villages and townships in the area.