Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed by I Solisti Veneti

I Solisti Veneti, Italy’s most popular chamber ensemble performs the iconic Baroque masterwork, The Four Seasons, by the famous Venetian composer, Antonio Vivaldi. One of the world’s best-loved pieces of music, Vivaldi’s remarkable Four Seasons is a series of four evocative violin concertos that brilliantly express the mood and ‘personality’ of each of the four seasons of the year in the Northern Hemisphere – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
Antonio Vivaldi, who was a virtuoso violinist as well as a composer, published the four brilliant violin concertos with a poem matching the music for each Season. The arrival of Spring is heralded by the song of birds, gently murmuring streams and light breezes, as peasants dance in flower-strewn meadows. The music of Summer represents the blazing sun, the song of the cuckoo, turtle dove and finch and an impending thunderstorm that will make the heavens roar as hailstones pound the standing corn. In Autumn, peasants celebrate the harvest with song and dance while hunters chase their prey with horns, dogs and cries. Winter comes with frost and biting winds, clattering teeth and shivering, as well as a warm hearth with a crackling fire.
Like Vivaldi, the chamber orchestra I Solisti Veneti is from Veneto, the region in Italy of which Venice is the capital. Consisting solely of strings and winds, the ensemble was founded in 1959 by the extremely dedicated Italian conductor and composer, Claudio Scimone. Almost immediately winning admiration from both audiences and critics, I Solisti Veneti soon rose to the highest levels of international acclaim and became known as “the Aristocrats of their art”.
With the special magic of strings and winds, I Solisti Veneti musicians are renowned for their brilliance in creating crystal clear notes and a sound of incredible refinement and beauty. The ensemble has performed more than 6,000 concerts in some ninety countries and has participated in the world’s most prestigious international festivals, with more than thirty concerts at the famous Salzburg Festival. II Solisti Veneti is also engaged in cultural research, unearthing and reviving an invaluable body of neglected musicological works. Hundreds of previously unknown works of merit have been brought to life, contributing to the preservation of Italy’s heritage in music. The ensemble highlights the connection of Venetian music with architecture and the figurative arts by performing in heritage buildings such as St Mark’s Basilica in Venice where beautiful decorative details and precious artworks are shown on camera to the cadence of the music.
Il Solisti Veneti and Conductor Claudio Scimone have won the highest awards in music, among which are the coveted Grammy Award, several Grand Prix du Disques, and many Italian Music Critics’ Awards. On the occasion of I Solisti Veneti’s Fiftieth Anniversary in 2008, the European Parliament honoured the chamber group with an official plaque recognising them as “Ambassadors of Culture and Music across Borders.”
The Royal Opera House will present this very fine concert of beautiful music with I Solisti Veneti and Claudio Veneti on Thursday March 30, 2017 at 7.30 pm. For further information and booking consult the ROHM website –