Veggies abundant, prices drop

MUSCAT, June 6 – Fruits and vegetables are now available in abundant quantity at the Mawaleh Central Market, the Muscat Municipality has said.
Prices are also low, thanks to the government’s decision to ease procedures for the direct import of agricultural goods.
The municipality said measures were taken to regularise direct imports from exporting countries. This helped reduce the length of travel and ensure direct access to the country without passing through a transit country.
Storing / reloading costs were cut as products reached markets directly, which led to reduced prices at the Mawaleh Central Market compared with the same last month.
The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACA) is also keeping a check on prices.
The Mawaleh Central Market management is intensifying checks on products, displayed items and chillers throughout the day to ensure they meet health specifications.
Muscat Municipality has urged all consumers to cooperate for providing better service, and to report violations vis-à-vis the price or quality of fruits  and vegetables.
Earlier, PACP said the situation at the Mawaleh Central market, which was under a shortage of imported fruits and vegetables, was “under control”. The scarcity had triggered a price-rise.
“PACP, the ministry and the local committee of vegetable and fruit traders have convened many meetings to ensure supply meets the demand,” it said.
The Mawaleh market is open until 9 pm to receive trucks bringing fruits and vegetables directly from some countries, including Jordan.
The shortage was caused by new rules imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries on imported fruits and vegetables.

By Fahad Al Ghadani