US soil experts view Oman’s achievements

MUSCAT: Dr Ahmed bin Nasser al Bakri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Agriculture, on Sunday met with a delegation comprising researchers and specialists in the field of natural resources management “Soil and Water” in the US University of Texas, currently visiting the Sultanate. Dr Al Bakri talked about the agricultural sector in the Sultanate and the achievements made during the previous period, such as development and research projects in the field of soil and water, which contributed in the growth of the agricultural sector and enhancing food security system in the Sultanate.

A documentary on agriculture in the Sultanate was screened on the current situation and the challenges in the agricultural sector, as well as reviewing the agriculture sector strategy and future projects that would contribute in achieving quality, increasing production for various agricultural crops and improving self-sufficiency for some agricultural goods. The delegation discussed potential aspects of cooperation and the possibility of benefiting from agricultural expertise from both sides. — ONA