Understanding the Night of Power

Muntasir Shaaban Al Farsy –
A man sitting alone in a cave spotted an apparition high above the sky that spread across the whole space……. a fearful sight it was, especially at a place where no one can hear your wailings and far from home.
Behold, it was none other but the Holy Spirit Archangel Gabriel fulfilling his Royal assignment. This was the beginning of the Prophet-hood to Muhammad and the very first revelation of the Sacred Quran. The Truth has finally prevailed, opposing all falsehood and oppression ……. Blessed is the Hira Cave as it has been Cedars Sinai before!
Perplexed by this, Muhammad rushed home where he was consoled by his loving wife Khadija who also took him to her cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal. The latter was familiar with Jewish and Christian scriptures and thus upon hearing the description, he duly testified to Muhammad’s Prophet-hood right there and then. This was indeed a great comfort to them both and the bestowed honour was self-explanatory.
The Night of the Holy Prophet’s Audience with the Holy Angel was indeed a Historical event that is hard to forget. It is greater and equivalent to eighty-three years and four months in value and blessing as mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is stressed that repenting is a must and the sins are pardoned during this period. People are to forgive each other and kind words be exchanged and visits are to increase in the neighbourhood and otherwise.
The anniversary of the event in question is known as the Night of Destiny or Power or Decree, that is supposed to be during the last ten days of Ramadhan. The period has also been referred in the Chapter of WALFAJR — AT DAWN; and some scholars do believe as well to the first ten days of Pilgrimage Month. The exact date is actually unknown, but it is predicted to be either the Night of the 21st, or 23rd, or 25th or 27th or even 29th. This shows that one has to strive worshipping throughout the whole month longing for the perfect time and salvation.
It does not necessarily come with an Extra-Terrestrial incident as many would suppose but the serenity and tranquility is enough proof. As an old senile woman many years ago taking a faraway shooting star for the sign of Lailatul Qadr……shocked and short of words, she could only call out the name of her slave, ( rather than supplicate…) ‘’ Almaas, Almaas, Almaas ! ‘’ meaning Diamonds in Arabic. On relating the last night happening, her folks joked teasingly,
‘’…….and then what, Grandma, did you find our house full of Jewelry as a reward ‘’
Many believers would plan a trip to the Holy Land for a minor Pilgrimage during this month, especially the last period. Any good deed during this time is rewarded generously, regardless of the act… other than praying, reciting the Quran, seclusion in mosque and the like. A doctor on duty with good intentions, or a patriot soldier on guard, or even a kind maid nursing her employer at night is even likely to attain the honour of divine virtues. Charity is the number one pillar to observe, especially for the coming Eid Season.
When Lady Aisha asked her husband, “Oh the Messenger of God, if I realise the night of Power, what should I supplicate in it? ‘’. The reply was graciously given as, “Oh Allaah, you are most forgiving, you love forgiveness, so forgive me. ‘’ How true and good a prayer one could think of, and this can be applied on any other day as well, and not necessarily in the Holy month of Ramadhan.
Some Hadith indicate that the fate of every believer for the coming year is decreed on this night. That is why the Duas for this night ask for special favours in the decree for the year. Unlike birthdays and wedding anniversaries which are celebrated with a feast for the senses, Laylatul Qadr includes a feast for the spirit, a feast of worship and prayers. Believers are encouraged to stay awake all night worshipping and reciting Quran and doing good deeds.( contrary to others belief in playing cards, watching TV serials and dawdling in every Souq)
Let us all take some time off doing other unimportant things and concentrate on this particular practice. Ten days is not too long a period nor will we lose anything in duly respecting it. Emphasis is particularly laid on the last phase but actually one should honour the whole month. Imagine a weight in Thawab of this specific time is gone away with the wind is as sinful as committing an act of disgrace.
“Oh Lord of the whole universe
You have granted me life without asking You
Now I beg you for even a better one in the
hereafter, as you are most dangerous.”