Ukranian artist exhibits nature-inspired works in Muscat

Olga paints the world in the way she feels it. Her main inspiration comes from nature, particularly forest, bird and flower motifs. Her paintings have a magnetic pull because of the captivating colour scheme and intricate use of brushstrokes. She tends to use dots and paint splashing to create enchanting images. Her paintings could be described as peaceful, inspiring and pure.
About her art exhibition, Olga says that while creating these paintings she remembers her childhood and growing up in the countryside in Ukraine.
She has always been especially fascinated with the warm sun rays between the trees, sunlit forests, dancing colours on the leaves and fresh wild flowers.
All the exhibited works at the exhibition are acrylic. She uses brushes and palette knives, sometimes fingers or water spray.
To add the extra texture, Olga uses a modelling paste. The common theme is nature particularly sunlit forests, flowers and birds and was inspired by her trip to Ukraine.
Olga has been living in Oman for over two years. She is a truly global artist having lived, worked and studied in the USA, Germany, China, Ukraine and now the Sultanate of Oman.
The solo exhibition was inaugrated on August 2 at Hormuz Grand Muscat, a Radisson collection hotel featuring 15 acrylic paintings and will be open for all until August 19.