Does the Tropic of Cancer pass through Amerat?

By Vinod Nair — MUSCAT: April 2 – The Omani Astronomical Society unveiled a signboard indicating  the passage of Tropic of Cancer through Al Atkiya village in wilayat of Al Amerat on Sunday at a special event. Geography lovers may note that apart from Oman, the Tropic of Cancer passes through the Bahamas, Mexico, Mauritania, Mali, Western Sahara, Algeria, Niger, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, China, UAE, Bangladesh, Burma and Taiwan. It passes through the United States in the Hawaiian region.

The Tropic of Cancer is an imaginary line in the northern hemisphere where the sun is directly overhead on June 21. In the southern hemisphere, this occurs on December 21 and the line is referred to as the Tropic of Capricorn. Each line is located at 23.5 degrees latitude, north or south respectively. The Tropic of Cancer passes through several bodies of water. It passes through the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as the Taiwan Strait, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It is said that the climate at the Tropic of Cancer is generally hot and dry except for easterly coastal areas where rainfall can be very heavy. Most regions on the Tropic of Cancer experience two distinct seasons: an extremely hot summer with temperatures often reaching 45 °C and a warmer winter with maxima around 22 °C.