Tremors continue to strike South Iran

Muscat: A 5.5 magnitude earthquake was reported in in Southern Iran at 10:18 pm Oman time on Friday, reported the Earthquake Monitoring Committee of the SQU.


The south of Iran was hit by three earthquakes of varying degrees on Thursday, both within the distance of 300km Oman’s Musandam cost.

The first one measured 5.2 in southern Iran, at 9:19 am Oman time, about 330km away from Khasab in Mussandam.

The second one measured  5.0  southern Iran at 2.52pm Oman time. 220km away from Mussandam.

The third one of 4.1 on Richter was recorded at 3.10 pm, 205km from Mussandam.