Trabat Centre, MoCI hold SME conference in Dhofar

SALALAH: The Dhofar Industry and Marketing Conference: Towards an Industrial Society organised by the Trabat Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry opened at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Salalah on Tuesday. Dr Saleh bin Said Mesan, Head of the Economic Committee in Majlis Ash’shura, sponsored the opening session.
The activities of the conference included seminars entitled “Reality of Industrial Sector: Opportunities and Expectations”.
The second seminar entitled “Industrial Investment and How to Get Industrial Licences”, with the participation of a number of specialised academics.
The sessions of the conference include several themes on how to get industrial licences, ways and means of marketing and promotion, how to overcome obstacles for a sustainable industry, the importance of marketing, facilities and industrial and commercial finance and the role of government and international support for industry.
The conference programme concluded on Wednesday and had parallel seminars and training courses on communication skills, media use, the importance of marketing and promotion in the industrial field, as well as how to manage the projects and how to prepare the feasibility study for the
The conference focuses on emerging, small and medium enterprises in the industrial field and industry-related business activities, such as marketing, promotion and advertising activities. — ONA

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