Tourists flock to Dhofar to enjoy khareef season

Many tourists from the Sultanate and abroad are visiting Salalah, Taqah, Mirbat, Dhalkout and Rakhyout in Dhofar to enjoy Khareef season.
Many in GCC and Oman prefer to spend summer vacations in the midst of greenery and light drizzle.
Salalah is a coastal city, with its magnificent white beaches stretching over long distances, such as those in Salalah, Raysut, Al Dahareez and Al Mughsail.
These beaches are located close to nature reserves, Al Khiran, which includes a unique variety of birds, animals and plants.
Some of the beaches and streets are lined with coconut palm trees.
Salalah is blessed with fertile soil where tropical fruits such as coconut, papaya, banana and sugarcane are cultivated.
Al Baleed Archaeological Park is one of the most important sites in Salalah.
It includes the Frankincense Land Museum, which offers a comprehensive view of the Sultanate during different ages.
It also includes the historical Samahram Archaeological Park and historic fortresses in the wilayats of Taqah, Mirbat and Sadah in the governorate.
The Municipality Recreational Centre (the headquarters of the Salalah Tourism Festival) is located in Itin Plain, where cultural performances are held and recreational facilities for children and adults are on offer. Al Murooj Theatre, Omani restaurants, Itin Walk and Oasis, Ateena Land Entertainment Park and Jarziz Spring are also located here.
Visitors to Itin Plain can also visit Itin mountain to enjoy the beauty of nature, rains and fog. The water springs are considered one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Governorate of Dhofar.
It originates from the mountains after the rains. The springs of Darbat, Razzat, Jarziz, Sahlnout, Hamran, Athom and Tabarq also have caves that appeal to the geologists and explorers.
Next to Al Mughsail Beach, there is Al Marnif Cave overlooking the ocean where visitors can enjoy water fountains from blow holes.
Sea caves along the shore in some places have an opening in the ground above. When waves enter the sea cave with sufficient force, water can travel upward with great pressure and escape through the opening. This can be somewhat like the blowhole of a whale coming to the surface for air and blowing out water to clear the airway.
In Salalah, the visitors can also see the traditional Omani marriages as Khareef season is the wedding season in Dhofar.
The traditional folklore arts, such as Al Habout, Al Baraa, Al Sharah and Al Madar reflecting the joy of Dhofari people at various occasions.
The shopping malls in Salalah and traditional souqs showcase traditional products such as frankincense, incense, handicrafts and sweets as well as locally cultivated fruits and vegetables. — ONA