Tourist numbers swell at Al Sharqiya Sands

MUSCAT: The ever-popular Al Sharqiya Sands has witnessed a huge turnout of tourists this winter compared with the previous years, according to tourism companies and those organising camps. The diversity of tourism in the area is as diverse as the tourism resorts here. Tourism programmes are diverse too, drawing a variety of tourists.

Al Sharqiya Sands offers a unique experience for tourists, including fun, excitement and sports. It has resorts and camps that serve as perfect getaways for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Those seeking adventure can zip on four-wheel drive vehicles, go camel racing, sand-skiing or just walking on the sand dunes.
Those who just want to laze around can savour the sight of glistening golden sands at sunrise/ sunset or watch twinkling stars on a desert night.
Those who like to explore can go deep into the desert, where there is an oasis and a “park surrounded by sand dunes” from all the three sides.
It has a number of other oasis, including Shahiq and Eidan — a living example of the unique blend of desert and green environment.
The camp ‘Alf Lailah’, or Thousand Nights, an example of a luxury tourist camp, is strategically located in the golden dunes of Al Sharqiya Sands and the Al Sharqiyah Governorate.
It offers a tranquil environment for desert experience and adventure. It has 40 traditional camps and four traditional tents.
Wesal bint Abdullah al Harthiyah, owner of the camp, said Alf Lailah has a restaurant that serves Omani and international cuisine to suit all tastes, including traditional Omani meals and barbecue.
There is also a special counter that serve Arabic grills and freshly baked items. There are a number of entertainment activities, including watching sunset and driving in the dunes.
The camp offers musical events such as traditional dance and oud music. It has a recreation centre with dart boards and pool tables.