Tourism meet pledges strategy to boost regional tourism

Business Reporter –
Dec 27: The 19th Arab Tourism Ministerial Council meeting concluded at Al Bustan Palace Hotel recently with a commitment to developing and implementing a landmark Arab Tourism Strategy.
Attendees included ministers from the Arab countries, members of World Tourism Organization as well as representatives from the Arab Center for Tourist Media.
The council met to discuss ways to develop the tourism industry in the Arab world.
The meeting was headed by Oman’s Tourism Minister, Ahmed bin Nasser al Mehrzi, and Mohammed Yahya Mohamed Rashid, Minister of Tourism in Egypt.
The Council discussed several topics of relevance during the course of the three days, which included the establishment of a committee to develop and implement the Arab Tourism Strategy, as well as researching financing options for the various facets of the strategy.
The committee also discussed the implementation of the Technical Committee for Arab Tourism, which would study the various tourism-related recommendations and submit them to the ministerial council.
Al Mehrzi has reiterated the importance of the cooperation between the Arab countries, and that developing the tourism industry and enhancing visa system is one of the keys of developing tourism in the Arab world.
The minister also stated that the growth of tourism despite the challenges is a testament that cooperation and the exchange of expertise is a clear and effective way of injecting the local economy.
Mohammed Yahya Mohamed Rashid, Minister of Tourism in Egypt, stated that Arab tourism is a joint venture between the Arab countries, and that enriching tourism enriches the Arab world as a whole.
He also said that the council is a key in overcoming tourism challenges and sharing experiences to provide the best results for the tourism industry. Dr Dina Hussain Dhaher, Director of the department of Transport and Tourism at the General Secretariat of the Arab League Council, thanked the Sultanate for its efforts in hosting the meeting and the activities that followed the meeting.
Dr Dhaher stated that the Sultanate made every effort to enhance and increase the cooperation between the countries.
The meeting also gave the Sultanate and the Republic of Egypt a great opportunity to sign an MOU pertaining to enhanced cooperation between the two countries.
The MOU included increased cooperation in tourism related festivals as well as cross promotion of touristic attractions, the two countries will also see an exchange of experience in rules and regulations as well as expertise pertaining tourism.
Finally, the MOU will open up opportunities for investment in tourism attractions between the two countries.
The delegations were introduced to the different touristic attractions in the Sultanate by the Ministry of Tourism, The delegations visited cultural and architectural attractions like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, The Royal Opera House Muscat and The National Museum.