Thermo flasks with asbestos banned in Oman

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has issued a directive to stop selling types of flasks that are used to store tea and coffee, unless they are certified to be free from the toxic asbestos. The decision has been made as as part of the continuous efforts  to follow up on the defective goods circulated in the market that are harmful to the health and safety of the consumers.

In compliance with Decision No. 245/2017 on the prohibition of the circulation of goods containing asbestos, PACP conducted inspections on the shops selling household utensils and products, following which it was revealed through the laboratory tests tea and coffee thermo flasks contained asbestos, which is harmful to health and banned internationally.
After conducting more than one verification test, the Authority banned  the the sale and circulation of a number of thermos used in the preservation of tea and coffee and other hot beverages.