The wave of technological development is advancing

The tempo of the technological development wave is accelerating in the advanced countries in day to day, yet unfortunately, the Arab world remains in deep sleep, and in conflict with itself, to make a living, flexing muscles, enjoying life, adhering to the traditions and norms, and depending on these countries and their expensive technological waste that we consume in our lives, trade, industries and even security.

Mansoor al Qasmi

The technology of the future, is a very smart technology that is both “purposeful and destructive”, it is purposeful because it will facilitates the matters, develop businesses, connect all directions together, through Artificial Intelligence (AI) software connected to satellites, Computer and information sciences, advanced smart devices that operate tirelessly and interacts with human beings with face recognition, speech recognition, sensing and planning as well as solving complicated problems and the ability to manipulate and move beings without the need for a day off, a weekend, a pay raise or a salary at the end of the month.
Undoubtedly, it will replace many human beings in various workplaces such as: operational, industrial, services, transportation systems; air, land and sea, tourism, agriculture, medicine, engineering among others, and will directly impact the natural human live, the dealings, relations and the future as well. At the same time, this advanced technology might be dangerous and destructive, threatening the lives of many human beings by directly filling many jobs and services, and might be used as a mean military device that can annihilate the world in a matter of seconds, if humankind was not willing to be a part in the technological game and the Artificial Intelligence.
Sean Coley, who is an expert in Supply Chain and Technology, a fellow at Cranefield University, UK, called for the early readiness to receive the waves of technological development and artificial intelligence and utilising that technology in many services, industries and life, in the logistics forum for Oman Logistics Center — OLC (ASYAD), confirming that by the radical transformation of the services and industries of many institutions in the advanced countries and their remarkable development in artificial intelligence. Amazon companies and stores operated hundreds of smart robots to replace thousands of human employees, and the Chinese Company GD transformed its industrial facilities to smart devices that contributed in the activation and facilitation of services for millions of customers around the world.
Ocado company has thousands of robots that work in retail, and packaging for nearly 65000 purchase orders, and communication through the Internet. NASA is developing space science and we will see imposing spaceships. Many countries are in race with time in the technological development and artificial intelligence, as Mercedes in Germany is developing the trucks of the future and some types self-driving cars. Blue Electric designed a feeder for the ships and fleets so that the technology can replace human crews on these ships and mitigate the human errors especially in the air field so that these devices replace and act like human beings with the ability of simulation and reaching things, specifications, categories, and relations among all, with the ability to think and solve complex problems.
The wave is definitely coming, and all what we have to do is to wake up and get ready, and partake in the industrial development, as well as, to plan with an advanced thinking for the future and the challenges we face.
The departments concerned with research, information technology and communication in the Research Council, The Supreme Council for Planning — Tanfeedeh Programme — as well as the academic and educational institutions, and the private sector must prepare early and seriously, and to plan for the future through preparing educational outputs with a sophisticated and advanced curriculum regarding artificial intelligence and information technology beginning at an early age from the third to twelfth grades and thereafter to be upgraded with their respective universities, colleges and training institutes in information technology and artificial intelligence to keep up with the progress of this technological development and learning on the digital input and output, as well as, technological engineering, computer and data science, piracy, smart and digital programming, mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms and performance, thus finding jobs that enable the generation of appropriate national outputs that can deal with artificial intelligence with all its components, manipulations and characteristics, and have the ability to deduce different aspects of the intelligent world, and further to protect the homeland and its sanctities from any destructive technological attacks, and focus on the development of all economic, commercial, industrial, military fields and services. All what we have to do is to get ready. Wake up please!