The Healing waters of Ayn Al Kasfah

Rustaq is home a numerous major tourist attractions and Al Kasfah hot springs is definitely one of these! Locally known as Ayn Al Kasfah, you are assured this isn’t something one should miss out on. Ayn Al Kasfah is a natural hot spring with waters reaching temperatures of around 45 degrees Celsius. Unlike other springs in the Sultanate, the Kasfah hot springs have traces of sulphur in the water that has been clinically proven to have healing properties especially for those with joint issues and other arterial issues. The warm spring water along with the Sulphur has been known to treat a variety of health issues including helping in the production of endorphins, helping one relax and sleep better, stimulation of the immune system and help with skin related issues. It has also been known to lower cholesterol, blood pressure too. With the popularity this natural spa increasing, more tourists, visitors and locals are sure to visit these pools and benefit from its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

The water for these pools come from the nearby Al Hamam falaj which never runs dry, providing water into these hot springs all year round. The residents from the surrounding regions, many of whom belong to communities that have made this region their home for many centuries have depended on the falaj and the hot springs for irrigation, health remedies and to source water for their everyday lives.
Locals of the region who have benefitted from the hot springs for generations often tell visitors about how to make best use of the springs. For those looking to heal their ailing bodies, one should gradually settle their body into the water as the high temperature often takes a little bit of time to adjust to. Since the water is fairly warm, stay in the water for short intervals of around five to nine minutes before taking a break. This should be repeated atleast three times or until one feels the pains reducing or can comfortably stay in the pool for longer. Both in the summer and winter, the temperature in the springs remain constant, you can be sure to enjoy this natural spring any time of the year. Next to the pools, locals have set up umbrellas and mats in the shade of the palm trees for visitors to rest on outside the waters. Some of the pools are segregated for men and women to use separately. For those visiting, Al Kasfah hot springs are closed from nine in the evening up until the fajr prayers before sunrise.
Although a place of relaxation and tranquility, the hot springs also hold stories from the Sultanate’s past. Abbasid governor Muhammad bin Nur during Abbasid era had in his time attempted to cover up the springs and destroy the exiting falaj systems in the Sultanate. Amongst locals, he is also infamously known at Muhammad bin “Bur”, due to the immense chaos and destruction he caused in the city. During his attempt of covering up Ayn Al Kasfah, the landfills were no match for the strong waters of the ayn, the waters rerouted and burst open in a different area around 10 metres from the original source, this is the water that we see today. The water continued to flow from this new spring and the story of its origin continues to be passed down generations even today.