The growing trend of iftar by the beach

During the holy month of Ramadhan, the 3150 km stretch of Oman coastline welcomes a host of locals and expatriates who break their fast after they perform their Magrib prayer highlighting the growing fondness of people for nature and the outdoors.

Nothing seems as blissful and grand than seeking solace in the lap of Mother Nature. As Magrib prayer echoes across the scrunching rumble of the ocean waves, rustling sea breeze and delightful tweets of birds flying by, an evening by the seaside turns more reverent. It can be claimed as the best, refreshing and divine Iftar.
The sunset brings a lovely majestic hue to the distant sky with the horizon across the deep blue sea becoming an amazing kaleidoscope of heavenly colours which refresh the eyes. With green grasses and sweeping palm leaves, they joined hands to make a perfect escape.
Most beaches in the country are now spots to behold. As friends and families together bustle along the shorelines, having their iftar meal in open, children too are seen enjoying a cool splash in the water.
The days of Ramadhan are filled with pleasure after the long hours of fasting. The sumptuous food platters include dates, Omani khawa, fruits, juices, laban, home-made appetising cuisines like kebabs, vegetable fitters, and wraps, all arranged perfectly on the beach side table and mats on the green grass and sandy beaches. Weekends are perfect for get-togethers. Meeting old friends, families and sharing good thoughts and blessed moments offers ample gratifications.
“All throughout the week, we are engrossed in a busy working schedule. It is mainly on weekends that we get time to meet friends and family members and spend a lot of time together praying, to be showered with blessing from the Almighty and have a great iftar moments and nothing can complete it but an outing,” shared Salim al Busaidy, who shared his contentment just after his Magrib prayer by the beach at Shatti Al Qurum.
As each coast and beach of the Sultanate has its own grandeur, picnics, walks, jogs and even a cool dip in the deep is never an uncommon sight. Even during this holy month, these activities are but ceremonial.
“Gathering at a park by the sea or the sandy beach is a part of the blessing that Allah has bestowed upon us, like all other days. Being with family and friend in the bounty of nature is a gift from Him. Every weekend we make sure to break our fast by the seaside. It is serene and truly blissful,” shared Badar and Fatima who were busy spreading out the Iftar menu with their family members.
Meeting old friends during iftar and visiting relatives are customary and adds greatness to the fasting month of Ramadhan.
Before the dusk sets in, people are seen setting up mats, tables and placing their food stuffs and preparing for the prayer before they break their fast.
Friends like Ali, Salim, Fahad and many more in their group, who hardly find their time to meet up due to their busy work schedule, find this kind of outing during Ramadhan a best option to unwind as they pray for a blessed future.
“This time of the year is truly majestic and this time of the day isn’t as sultry as expected. An iftar by the shore is definitely matchless. Therefore, every weekend we plan having at least one iftar out in the open all together,” Salim said.
Scenic and pristine coastlines of Yiti, Jabel Sifah, Qurum, Azaiba and many more scenic beaches become embellished on iftar gatherings, making the surrounding even more virtuous.
Light conversation, prayers, simple snacks and beverages make iftar remarkable, when appreciation and prayer involves conversation amidst the bounty of the landscape.