‘Thareed’ is most preferred dinner dish

Musannah, July 18 – Among the traditional Omani delicacies, ‘Thareed’ perhaps takes the cake as “one of the most popular dishes” preferred and relished by families during dinner.
Thareed is a stew mixed with flat, baked bread. Bread is cut into small pieces and soaked in a separately prepared chicken or meat stew, which is flavoured with distinguished spices.
Most local dishes are made from chicken, lamb or fish. Thareed is no exception.
Thareed is also called ‘Fareed’ in some parts of the country.
Sometimes, the bread used in ‘Thareed’ is the traditional homemade, thin and crispy bread, ‘Khubz Rakhal’. The latter is also a “juicy snack” many Omanis find appetising.
Thareed is also served at Eid gatherings. Besides weddings and birthdays, it is also a preferred dish for guests.
Many years ago, Thareed was served during iftar in the holy month of Ramadhan because it was soft, and easy to digest after long hours of fasting. Even now, many families prepare it during Ramadhan.
Says Ayda al Suraihi, from Wudam Al Sahil in Wilayat Musannah: “Many Omanis, including me, still consider Thareed as the best meal during Ramadhan as well as other occasions.”
In some areas where rice is not preferred for lunch, Thareed happens to be the best alternative. Some Omanis even pack Thareed in lunchboxes before going to work.

Badriya Mohammed al Balushi