Ten things you must not miss out at the sixth Omani Dates Festival

Ten things you must not miss out at the sixth Omani Dates Festival being held in Al Khuwair, Muscat. The white Tent on the Ministry Road wont’ be there forever because the Omani Date Festival concludes on October 31st.

Here are the ten things you should not miss out on

1. Nagaal

Everyone knows Khalas the popular varity of dates, This year check out the Nagaal. At the sixth editin og the festival Suleiman al Amri has come equipped with Nagaal dates allowed to dry on the tree. Suleiman says they are the best because they have less sugar.
Apparently everyone likes to grow Nagaal because these are the trees that bear fruits first when the season begins. So if not the trees why not have the fruits?







2. Date Syrup

The date syrup can be used on bread as well as pancakes or any sweet preparations such as Luqueimat (similar to dumblings). Adeela Ahmed Sultan has come with a variety that has ingredients such as ginger and pepper, which are considered good to fight heal cough and throat infections.







3. Date Vinegar

Most of the exhibitors have the date vinegar. Rich in colour the date vinegar can be used as salad dressing and when cooking chicken and meat according to the customers.






4. Dates and coconut sweets

Abdullah al Abri takes pride in his collection of sweets, but also try out the variety covered in sesames and dip it in Tahinna fountain and just enjoy it!









5. Dates Pickle

It is part of the research project from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth to encourage farmers and entrepreneurs come out with new products. The dates are green plucked before they ripen and pickled.









6. Date Jam

The lady selling them ran out of stock and she wanted to take a day off to make more and come back. All natural it is mixed with apples and lime.










7. Date Sauce

For the last two years Ali al Rashdi from Izki has been researching on the best date sausce. Last year he had brought out the first version and this year he has come up with another one. He says the sauce has balck pepper and garlic and some more herbs and great for barbecue or marinating, or with cheese. You get the idea!








8. Date powder

It is new and catching on and some are even substituting sugar especially for sweets.











9. Date Halwa

For everyone who loves halwa this is a must have. And do not forget to try out dates with saffron.









10. Dates and lemon leaves 

Let Abdul Hameed al Riyami introduce you to dates with honey, Omani spices and lemon leaves. It is exotic!