‘Tanfeedh’ unit seeks opinion on NOC rule for expatriates

The Tanfeedh Implementation Support & Follow-up Unit has launched a campaign on two twitter to know feedback about the NOC – a document granted by an employer to expatriates who desire to move from one job to another after the contract ends. Six more are left to give the individual opinion on the matter. As per the latest update, 45 per cent of the business owners said they support the NOC rule, 45 per cent of the respondents said YES, 35 per cent of the respondent said No and 20 per cent of the respondent said Not Sure. From the general respondents, 49 per cent said yes, they support the rule, 37 per cent said NO and 14 per cent not sure. These poll results were as of 10.30am.

Background: Any expatriate who quits work and gets his visa cancelled will have a 2-year no entry to the country by the immigration authorities since July, 2014. They will not be issued an employment visa before the completion of two years from the date of last departure after leaving a company and this is in accordance with the requirements of the expatriates Residency Law. But the employees can return within two years provided he gets an non-object certificate (NOC) from his previous employer or he can return to the same employer.

Votes can be cast at https://twitter.com/ISFUOman.

Vinod Nair

Oman Observer

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