Suwaiq boy dies after falling into Shuwa pit

Muscat, June 15  –
A boy, who fell into a barbecue pit in Suwaiq, died on Friday. Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) urged all citizens to follow safety measures while using open barbecue pit which is part of Eid traditions.
In its warning, PACDA said that open pit is a threat to the safety of children and animals and it must be properly covered.
The incident brought about a discussion on social media about the necessary safety measures that need to be incorporated such as safety standards that include fences and firefighting equipment.
Yet another twitter user said maybe children should be restricted from the barbecue sites. A tradition that has been practised for many years brought in thought-provoking solutions to fight the dangers of open barbecue pits.
PACDA has also started patrolling tourist sites as the outings began with the Eid holidays. The public in general expressed gratitude as the officers took off the time to be on duty away from families on the occasion of Eid al Fitr.
Officers of Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance cautioned people while swimming in or playing under waterfalls.
Earlier, the Ministry of Tourism has also warned people to be careful around water bodies. With the start of the holidays, people in Oman usually head out to the wadis or the sea. Officials have warned people against strong currents that could be potentially dangerous.
“Oman has some of the world’s most stunning beaches and beautiful wadis, but the beauty can be deceptively dangerous. Even if you are a good swimmer, for your own safety, be very careful around deep water and strong currents,” the ministry tweeted on Thursday.
Royal Oman Police have been sending text messages and tweets to the people to drive safely and ensure distance between vehicles. As it is summer there has been increasing incidents of tyre burst. One must also take note signs of fatigue and take rest before driving.