Suhar exhibition put on spotlight one of Oman’s prolific artists

Khadija Bint Abdullah Al-Muqbaliya, one of the most famous artists in the Sultanate of Oman, recently hosted an exhibition displaying her art pieces along with the works and crafts of many others. The exhibition included 44 paintings that explored a variety of genres including surreal and abstract art. The exhibition also showcased various other local artists and crafts like pottery.
This exhibition was inaugurated in lieu of the upcoming celebrations of the Sultanate’s 47th National Day.
Five separate exhibitions were organised all of which were hosted at the Youth Center of Fine Arts Association in Suhar. The fifth exhibition displayed artwork and crafts that reflected the Sultanates vibrant culture, traditions and customs. Omani women from all around the country were invited and involved, many showcasing their handy works at the different areas in the venue.
The main highlight of these exhibitions was Khadija herself, whose name is art extends beyond the country borders. She has exhibited her work in over 70 exhibitions locally and internationally – including Italy, UAE along with different parts of the Sultanate. She has been recognised for her unique and impressive art and has been awarded with over 50 commendations from various organisations all over the globe.
She has hosted several technical workshops for a variety of groups of people through the years.
Most famously, a series of Khadija’s artwork was selected to be displayed at the esteemed British Royal Palace and at the Cultural Institute in Sohar, Muscat.

Siham al saidi