Suhar airport sees increase in passengers

MUSCAT: Suhar Airport celebrated the third anniversary of operations, which was launched on November 18, 2014. Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) has been able to achieve a strong boost in operations from and to the airport in cooperation with the Public Authority of Civil Aviation, by granting approvals to local or regional airlines to operate to Suhar airport, which has achieved huge success in recent months. This has made the airport to achieve significant growth since June in the numbers of passengers.
Ali bin Zayed al Balushi, Director General of Operations at OAMC, confirmed that Suhar Airport has formed a good growth movement in the past period, making it one of the regional airports that has been able to attract airlines in a short period.
Sameer bin Saleh al Abri, Director of Suhar Airport, said that the celebration of the third anniversary of the operation of Suhar Airport is a great occasion for the hearts of all employees of OAMC in general and the employees of Suhar Airport in particular. The occasion coincides with the 47th Glorious National Day.
He pointed out that the celebration of Suhar airport this year for the third anniversary of its operation came in good conditions as the airport was able to attract a number of domestic and international flights, including Salam Air, which operates six flights per week to Salalah airport in Al Khareef season, currently two flights a week, Al Arabiya launched its flights between Suhar and Sharjah, then Qatar Airways, as a new operator between Suhar and Doha, began operating one flight a day, and to rise to two flights a day from the beginning of December.
About the number of passengers traveling through Suhar Airport, he said that the number of arrivals and departures through Suhar Airport was 29,534 passengers during the period from June 28 to October 31. — ONA