Street vendors in Oman must follow rules or face fines

Muscat: The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has issued a decision stipulating public health and hygiene regulations for mobile cafés’ and street vendors selling all types of corn.

The decision said the vendors will be fined RO10 for not maintaining personal hygiene, RO10 for not wearing specific uniforms, RO25 for smoking or other unhealthy practices while at work and RO10 in the absence of waste bins.

Vendors will be also charged RO10 for each violations such as operating without a health card, and if found to be wounded or sick.

Vendors will be charged RO30 for operating without a licence, RO15 for non-renewal of the licsense, RO5 for not displaying the license at an appropriate place in the cart, RO50 for praticising during the ‘suspended’ period and RO50 for not allowing the municipal and other authorized inspectors to perform their duties.

Some of the other guidelines specified in the decision include

Mobile carts must be as per the specification,

Employees are not permitted to sleep in the carts

A non-removable metal table for the preparation of the sandwich


Waste containers with a lid,

The water used shall be in compliance with approved certification standards,

No storage of any prepared food from the previous day,

Take into account the expiry, quality and storage of materials used in preparation – corn, butter, honey, lemon, spices,

Provide a refrigerator for the preservation of raw food at the site,

The location should be away from toilets and waste collection sites.

Keep the site clean always,

Fruits and vegetables used in preparations must be always fresh.

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