Strategy to upskill 10,000 Omanis as leaders

Conrad Prabhu –
MUSCAT , feb 20  –

The Ministry of Manpower is preparing the rollout of a strategy that aims to see an estimated 10,000 Omanis suitably trained to take up leadership positions in the private sector.
The strategy is based on a proposal mooted by Tanfeedh, the National Programme for Enhancing Economic Diversification, with funding support from the newly established National Training Fund (NTF), a key official
Mohammed al Busaidy, Majlis Ash’shura Representative and member of the Tanfeedh Omanisation Committee, said the initiative is aimed at addressing the skewed nature of Omanisation in the private sector where local talent is primarily concentrated at the low end of the job market.
“One of the initiatives of Tanfeedh is to upskill Omanis in the mid and senior management levels and to prepare them for positions at the high end of the management structure,” said Al Busaidy. “The initiative targets the upskilling of around 2,500 Omanis per year, with the aim of delivering 10,000 trained nationals over a four-year programme,” he added.
Speaking to the Observer, the Majlis Ash’shura representative said the programme will primarily target Omanis who are already working in the private sector at the mid and senior management levels. While the upskilling programme will be developed by the Ministry of Manpower, funding support will come from the National Training Fund, which was set up by Royal Decree 48/2016 last year, with the mandate to build the capabilities of local Omani talent, as well as address
the current mismatch in the skills of job-seekers and the requirements of the job market.
Asked about the timeframe for the rollout and implementation of the leadership upskilling programme, Al Busaidy added: “The programme is still in the development stages, but we are hopeful it should be ready for launch by mid-2017. The plan is to deliver on the targeted numbers of upskilled Omanis by the year 2020.”
Importantly, the initiative will also complement the National CEO Programme currently being implemented under the patronage of the Diwan of Royal Court with a goal to develop the next generation of private sector Omani leaders and executives.