Strategic action plan for Omani cultural heritage launched

MUSCAT: The Research Council (TRC) represented by the Strategic Programme for the Omani Cultural Heritage launched on Wednesday the annual training plan for the programme and the project management teams under the patronage of Dr Abdullah bin Nasser al Harrasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and Television, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Program and in the presence of the members of the steering committee and members of the project management teams. During the ceremony, Nasser bin Hamdan al Ismaili, reviewed the 2018 annual training plan for the programme which aims at introducing cultural heritage, raising awareness of the community of its importance, promoting knowledge development and sustainability, and presenting developmental models in the field of cultural heritage.
The plan included lectures, seminars and symposia, including a series of laws regulating cultural heritage, the effectiveness of preparing the files of intangible cultural heritage elements to be registered in Unesco, the effectiveness of the investment of cultural heritage resources, the tabulation and classification of cultural history, the effectiveness of investment opportunities in Omani cultural heritage, a national symposium (documentary heritage, programme of “Memory of the World as a Model”, a discussion session on cultural history and community awareness, and the effectiveness of linking folk tales and proverbs to the curriculum.
The programme also included the lecture of the “Omani Architecture: A Cultural Heritage, a seminar on oral literature collection and tabulation, an activity on the effectiveness of home libraries and cultural heritage, a workshop on cultural heritage management and the effectiveness of investment opportunities in cultural heritage.
The “Create and Invest Project” was also launched.
The idea of this project is to adopt the creative ideas of young people in the cultural field, which can be transformed into an investment activity that enables them to continue to benefit from them as a source of income and sustainable economic activity.
The project aims at young job seekers and those who are enthusiastic about creative initiatives, talents and those interested in working in the field of investment in intangible cultural heritage, and governmental and private institutions concerned with cultural, commercial, economic, financial and other activities.
This project aims at introducing cultural heritage, and investment opportunities that can be achieved, identifying economic and investment models in the fields of cultural heritage, motivating the society to benefit from them, creating innovative ideas in the fields of culture that can be applied as projects on the ground, and promoting real investment opportunities in cultural heritage fields , creating funding incentives to support initiatives for cultural projects and enhancing collaboration with funding institutions.
A number of government and private institutions are involved in this project, and it is supervised by Sayyid Said bin Sultan al Busaidy. — ONA