State Council shares knowledge about governance with visitors

MUSCAT: State Council places high priority on disseminating accurate information about governance in Oman. They also uphold that a strong nation needs its citizens, including its young people and students to be rightly informed and involved, to become responsible citizens. To facilitate this, it has in place, an awareness-programme, which allows institutions to coordinate, and organise visits to the State Council. On Wednesday, the Council welcomed individuals from the Omani Society for Educational Technologies.
The purpose of such familiarisation visits is to enable them to learn more about the Council’s role, its work in person and view the venue where the draft laws, which reflect the need of the nation, are deliberated and approved. The guided tour by Hanan Saif al Yazidi gave an insider’s view to the visitors and find out about the Council and its relevance and learn about the impact it makes across the Sultanate. They explored the cutting-edge technology of the Council. Hanan Saif al Yazidi through her presentation displayed the role and strengths of Council and a diverse range of topics, including rules and laws relating to governance, the two councils and their differences and their role. By learning about the Council and how it works, the visitors realised the crucial element of Omani governance.

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