State Council reviews tourism in Sultanate

MUSCAT: The State Council on Wednesday held a sitting under the chair of Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council. It hosted Dr Ahmed bin Ali al Meshikhi, Head of Culture, Media and Tourism Committee and Shaikh Abdullah bin Shuwain al Hosni, Rapporteur of the Committee, to discuss the Committee’s draft proposal on the reality of tourism in the Sultanate through its regularising laws and legislations. The meeting also discussed the topics proposed by the State Council’s standing committees for discussion with heads of the committees. It also discussed a proposal to amend  Majlis Ash’shura Elections Law 58/2015, the Municipal Councils Law 116/2011 and a proposal to conduct a study  on setting up free economic zones in Buraimi and Musandam. The Office was briefed on the follow up report on implementing the decisions taken at the first  meeting of the second annual sitting of the sixth term. It also reviewed the follow up report on the  activities of the committees during the period between the previous and this meeting.