State Council marks Omani Women’s Day

MUSCAT: The State Council hosted a panel discussion titled “Omani Women, Achievement and Aspirations” on Tuesday as part of the Omani Women’s Day. It was presided over by Dr Suad bint Mohammed al Lawati, State Council Vice- Chairperson.
The panelists discussed topics, which included women’s rights, reality and aspirations, the development of women’s legal awareness of their rights and duties, the psychological empowerment of women and their role in enhancing their social status, as well as a focused on women and the challenges of the work environment.
The speakers at the panel discussion included Dr Wafa bint Salim al Harrasi who spoke on women’s rights reality and aspirations. Legislations related to Omani women and their compatibility with similar international legislations was the focus of the speech delivered by Maisa bint Zahran al Ruqeshi, Public Prosecutor. Maimuna al Sulaimani, corporate lawyer and coach, and founder of Law and Life Project, spoke on the development of legal awareness of women’s rights and duties. She underscored the importance of setting goals for the women to follow to determine a clear direction of where they want to go. Dr Amal Ambusaidi, psychiatrist, Sultan Qaboos University, highlighted the psychological empowerment of women and their role in enhancing their social status by developing one’s status through proper planning. She also spoke about the challenges faced by women at the work environment.

Discussion on ‘work-life balance for women’ at NBC

National Business Centre (NBC), which falls under the umbrella of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), organised on Tuesday a discussion session on ‘work-life balance for women’ at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat. A number of Omani women entrepreneurs shared their success stories at the event. Commenting on the significance of Omani Women’s Day, Fatma al Riyami, CEO of Xeem, a company incubated at NBC, said, “Omani Women’s Day offers an opportunity to share the success stories of Omani women with the society. On its part, the society is undertaking great efforts to support the Omani women to achieve even more accomplishments.”
Etab al Zadjali, co-founder of Cake Gallery, stated that she has received a great support from her family to start and develop her project. “The 17th of October means a lot to me and the fact that a day is dedicated to honour and appreciate the efforts of Omani women proves that the women have a significant impact in the development of the society.”
Shadya al Ismaily, founder of Deema Oman, pointed out that it is difficult to have work-life balance. “Personally, my family has been the biggest source of support while developing my business,” Al Ismaily said.
“It is vital to have objectives for any project to achieve its development and sustainability. Besides, one should not focus solely on business competition and ignore its progress. In fact, both sides should be considered at the same time in order for the business to flourish.”