State Council joins national Traffic Safety Competition

MUSCAT: Dr Khalid bin Salim al Saidi (pictured), Secretary General of the State Council, in his statement on Tuesday announced that the State Council would participate in the national Traffic Safety Competition, which is committed to making roads safer, reducing road traffic accidents and minimising fatalities and injuries.
The Council’s decision to participate in the competition for 2017 stems from its desire to contribute its share to identifying solutions for the traffic safety issues of the community. This initiative confirms its commitment to national efforts, exerted to promote traffic culture and societal awareness.
Dr Khalid noted that the traffic safety competition plays a significant role in increasing traffic awareness, thereby diminishing traffic accidents, the most important aim of the competition. This annual competition signifies the implementation of the recommendations of the Traffic Safety Symposium held in May 2010, in response to the orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos  issued on October 18, 2009 that advocated that all segments of society must be responsible and work together to reduce traffic accidents.
Adding further he said, the allocation of October 18 of each year for traffic safety, emphasises the keenness in the safety of citizens and preservation of the nation’s resources by avoiding traffic accidents, which cause heavy casualties, and casts a negative impact on the economy as they cause serious social consequences for the individual and society.
Underlining the importance of the positive takeaways of the traffic safety competition, Dr Khalid said that since its inception many of its goals have reached fulfilment. The competition primarily aims at developing community awareness regarding road safety and the need for the collective contribution to this purpose.
Recognising the efforts of the government and private institutions in increasing their road safety activities and advocating increased commitment to road safety, Dr Khalid said this is evident from the projects executed to curb traffic accidents for community benefit by raising awareness and disseminating information to create traffic culture.
He noted that rise in traffic accidents today is an imminent threat globally as confirmed by United Nations (UN) statistics issued by the World Health Organization.