State Council discusses proposal for amendment of Development Act

MUSCAT: The Bureau of the State Council on Monday discussed the proposal by the Economic Committee of the Council on the amendment of the ‘Economic Development Act promulgated by Royal Decree No 9/75.’ The 12th meeting of the Bureau, chaired by Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council, was held in the presence of members of the Bureau and the Secretary-General of the Council. The Bureau hosted Shaikh Mohammed Abdullah Hamed al Harthi, Head of the Economic Committee, Dr Badria Ibrahim Khalfan al Shuhi, Rapporteur of the Economic Committee, and Dr Said Mubarak Said al Muharrami, Member of the Economic Committee for conducting discussions.

The proposal aims to review the general provisions of the Economic Development Act, and the requirements for updating it in line with the changes that have occurred with regard to the framework of the national economy. This is in addition to the legal review, the terms of reference specified in it, and identifying the overlapping aspects with subsequent laws to focus on all points related to planning, implementation and follow-up of development projects and other stages guaranteed by law. Following the discussion, the Bureau decided to present it at the regular session. The Bureau also approved the Council’s budget for 2019, and the report on the follow-up to the activities of the committees during its previous meeting. The Bureau decided on the agenda items for the next regular session to be held on June 26, 27, and July 3, 4.