Stal Gallery to screen Banksy’s film today

Stal Gallery will screen Banksy’s critically acclaimed film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” at its yard today at 7 pm.
‘Screening in the Yard’ is an event organised by Stal Gallery to generate public interest in contemporary art and contemporary films. It attempts to affirm and challenge the public’s appreciation and understanding of what contemporary is.
The gallery is committed to engaging with the community, enhancing the audience’s cultural experiences through different spaces and a variety of media. In this event, the gallery seeks to appeal to the youth, the marginalised street artists and future creators by screening Banksy’s critically acclaimed film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Despite the divided opinions about the film between being considered a hoax and a historical documentation of street art, a New York Times review describes that “It certainly asks real questions: About the value of authenticity, financially and aesthetically; about what it means to be a superstar in a subculture built on shunning the mainstream; about how sensibly that culture judges, and monetizes, talent.” The screening will be followed by a panel discussion consisting of artists, writers and will be moderated by award-winning Omani film-maker Muzna al Musafir.
The parallels between the content of the film and the context of an Omani art scene will be explored and examined. At the end of the panel talk, the discussion will open up to the audience.