SQU, Nizwa varsity to enhance ties

MUSCAT: Dr Rahma al Mahrooqi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research at Sultan Qaboos University, and Prof Ahmed bin Sulaiman al Harrasi, Vice-Chancellor for Research, Graduate Studies and External Relations at the University of Nizwa, signed a Research Cooperation Programme between the two universities.
The Research Cooperation Programme is intended to increase organisational cooperation between the two universities, especially in relation to research, capacity building, joint research projects and training.
In addition to exploring opportunities for further engagement in these areas, the Research Cooperation Programme also encompassed two joint projects. The first of these is entitled, ‘Mapping and Change Detection Study of Frankincense Tree (Boswellia sacra) Using GIS Database and Remote Sensing Techniques in Huluf, Wadi Sahnut and Wadi Dawkah, in Dhofar, Oman’.
Both parties approved the project proposal and agreed that it represents an important economic and cultural area of research for Oman. The Research Cooperation Programme reflects this, with both parties agreeing to fund the research project to further knowledge in the field.
The second project described in the Research Cooperation Programme is ‘Balancing Aflaj Water Demand and Supply by Managed Storage: An Optimisation Approach’. Again, after reviewing and approving of the project proposal, representatives of both Sultan Qaboos University and the University of Nizwa agreed to contribute funding to its realisation.
Prof Ahmed al Harrasi added that, “This Research Cooperation Programme is a direct response of the Sultanate’s research policy that encourages higher education institutions to integrate and collaborate.
It is also a result of numerous scientific discussions with SQU to find mutual and innovative areas of interest and to accelerate knowledge transfer, enhance capacity building, and promote scientific exchange and cooperation between Sultan Qaboos University and the University of Nizwa.”