SQU College of Education advisory board meets

MUSCAT: The annual meeting of the SQU College of Education Advisory Board for the current year was chaired by Dr Humoud Al Harthi, Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Education for Education and Curriculum. The meeting was attended by Dr Said Al Rubaei, Secretary-General of the Education Council, Khalid Al Farei, Chair of the Education Committee in Shura council, Dr Ubood Al Sawafi, Vice-Chancellor of Al Sharqiyah University, and a number of educationalists from the public and private sectors, as well as a number of faculty members from the College of Education, College of Arts & Social Sciences, and College of Science. The advisory board also consists of an expert in educational affairs from Unesco.
The meeting started by an overview of the major achievements of the college during the previous academic year. The most important one was the international accreditation of the college as a teacher education institution, graduating professionals in the BEd and MEd levels.
The college was accredited by CAEP (previously called NCATE) for 7 years 2016-2022. The organisation is responsible for accrediting over 900 teacher education institutions in the US and outside it. In addition, a number of the college’s academic programmes was internationally recognised by their specialised programme associations in the US.
A number of the college’s faculty members and candidates achieved various national and regional awards. The most important ones are the research council award, Khalifa Award for Education, and other awards in fine arts, PE, IT, and charitable work.
The board also reviewed the scientific achievements of faculty members, which exceeded 300 products annually and ranged between publications of books, journal articles in Arabic and English, and regional and international conference papers.
The college is currently striving to create mechanisms for implementing the recommendations and communicate them to officials for them to utilise them in their filed in order to promote quality of education based on international standards.
Another crucial topic discussed by the board is ways to promote the partnerships between the College of Education and various educational institutions in the private sector. The college continuously strives to create and promote such partnerships.