In spring, Jabal Akhdhar turns mountain of flowers

AL JABAL AL AKHDHAR: Al Jabal Al Akhdhar “Green Mountain” is located in the Wilayat of Nizwa in Dakhiliyah. Al Jabal Al Akhdhar is about 160 km from the capital Muscat and at an altitude of 10,000 feet. It is distinguished from other parts of the beautiful Oman with its cold winter where the temperature drops below zero in some winter days. It is moderate in summer with a temperature ranging between 25 and 33 Celsius. These days, with the advent of spring, the green terraces of Al Jabal al Akhdhar and its cultivated areas begin to be filled with colours of flowers that delight visitors, tourists and photographers who visit to capture the most beautiful pictures of different flowers.
One of the most important flowers and fruits of the mountain is the “Mountain Rose;” a kind of Omani rose, which is similar to the Asfahani roses, and Levantine and Taifi roses.
971344Salim bin Rashid al Tobi, Director of Agriculture Department in Al Jabal al Akhdhar, told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the number of rose plants is estimated at 5,000 with a total area estimated at 7 acres. The people in the mountain use roses to make natural rose water of high quality.
He added that the beginning of the blooming of the mountain roses is in the last third of March and the peak season is in April of each year.
One of the flowers that decorates the mountain is “pomegranate flower”.Pomegranate is one of the most famous trees of the mountain.
Its season of flowering begins mid-April and its fruit starts from 20th August to the end of October. Al Jabal Al Akhdhar is famous for the “walnut flowers”. They bloom in the middle of March and fruit at the end of August.
Other flowers also have “almond flower”.Almond is one of the trees that have proved successful in the green mountain in terms of quality and abundance of production.
Other flowers these days are the “peach flowers”.Peach is one of the oldest trees in the mountain,
and its numbers have recently been reduced due to fungal diseases.
The mountain is famous for its “apricot flower,” which Al Jabal Al Akhdhar is famous for. There are many varieties characterized by a wonderful taste and special flavor.
The Director of Agriculture Department in Jabal Al Akhdhar said that one of the newly introduced trees in Al Jabal Al Akhdhar is the “pear tree” with its many varieties and has proved its success and quality, and began to spread over the villages of the mountain.
The newly introduced trees in the mountain is the “apple tree” that has proved successful in all types and varieties. Its flowering season begins with the beginning of spring. — ONA