Soomar clinched second place in UAE first round Rally championship

MUSCAT: Omani Rally driver Khalid Soomar won second place in the first round of UAE local rally championship organised in Sharjah (Al Dhaid) last Friday after finishing the rally in total 30 minutes and forty seconds reaching the end of the rally behind Sheikh Mohamed Al Qasimi the winner of round one by 1 minute and 30 seconds. Hamid Al Qasimi and his co-diver Mohamed Al Mazroui clinched the third place in group N after losing the power of the engine of the car but completed the rally to the end despite that problem.
899034The rally consisted of two stages which been repeated 3 times and first stage was AlDhaid for around 9 kilometres and the second stage was for Police Academy which was near the first stage for 9 kilometres also.
In stage one, Khalid Soomar finished the stage at 5 minutes and 8 second, while Hamid Al Qasimi ended the stage in 5 minutes and 7 seconds and was followed by sheikh Mohd Abdulah Al Qasimi on Subaru impriza.
Khalid Soomar was working well at this stage trying to compete with sheikh Mohd Abdulah Al Qasimi as he recorded good timing
among other drivers and his colleague Hamid Al Qasimi was trying his best to be in the form but the car was not giving enough power to compete in this rally.
Stage no 2 near Police Academy about 9 kilometres in wadi area where Soomar tried his best to be too close to sheikh Mohd Abdulah Al Qasimi timing in the stage but the car’s fitness and technical team availability gave the priority to sheikh Mohamed to continue and increase the time difference but the two drivers.
After finishing the second stage, rally cars took their way to the maintenance yard near city centre of AlDhaid city for the temporary service and short maintenance, where fast job was
done by the technical teams before the car headed again to ALDhaid stage where the 3rd stage was operating.
Khalid Soomar continued his pressure on sheikh Mohd Abdulah Al Qasimi on the remaining 4 stages and ended the rally in the 2nd place overall behind Sheikh Mohd Al Qasimi and clinched the second in group N, meanwhile Hamid Al Qasimi ended the rally in 3rd place in group N reaching by the end of the rally on podium of group N.
899032The rally has been distributed in to 6 categories bases on the differences of the engine, body of those vehicles and the rally was attended by some old rally champions like Shiekh Hamed bin Eid AlThani from Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah AlQasimi from UAE and some other names Like Salim Aldhufiri from Kuwait.
After finishing the rally Khalid Soomar said” thanks to my co-driver Issa Alwardi for his effort and I am really happy for this good result and many thanks for Sheida company and its owner Nasser
Albalushi for his support in this rally and many thanks goes for my main sponsor Target co. for its support in the rally”.
Hamid AlQasimi was also happy to end the rally in safe and asked the sponsors to support him in coming rallies as he won’t be able to continue without sponsorship.
Rally was witnessed by Younis Albalushi (Roger) the Head of communications in Oman Rally championship and Mohamed Alwardi the x-co-driver of Hamood AlTooqi and some Omani fans.