Smelling fresh

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Yesterday the mother of junior summoned me to a closed door meeting and immediately started to give me a lecture. This was abrupt and I did not expect it but I had to listen to the lady of the house. In case you don’t know, the mother of junior is a type who operates at certain intensity. And no man is allowed to interrupt when she is talking. She has the ability to nag, yelp and yap long and loud and all at the same time.
“Now that the summer is setting in, expect to have a body odour,” she declared as if war was going to happen.
“No matter how careful you are, you might end up sweaty on a hot day or after some unexpected physical exertion or even just walking under the sun. Listen carefully to what I am going to say. I want to give you some simple reminders on how to keep smelling fresh all day. First and foremost, you need to take a bath or shower,” she went on.
As I looked at her, surprised, she continued, “Yes. Shower – Plain and simple.”
“You men sweat at night. So if you are planning to leave early for a long day, start off with a shower. You do not want to accumulate 24 hours of sweat during the course of the day, right? You’d stink. So shower and wash and scrub,” she said very clearly and plainly!
“You need to understand that underarms produce a lot of sweat. If you are not careful, you just might end up with a nasty stink. So use some deodorant. Make sure the deodorant is dry before you put on clothes. Sometimes, deodorants can stain when wet. And always carry tissue papers in your pockets,” she reminded.
The mother of junior actually has some fair points. A tissue is your best bet to wipe some sweat off your brow and your neck and back of your ears. Better yet, carry some facial wipes. These wet mini paper towels are designed to refresh your face. They clean grime off your face and cool you down too. You also have to watch what you eat. Eating strong spices can affect your body chemistry. Be aware that too much spice foods affect your odour too.
It is important to layer your scent by using products from the same range. Use soaps, lotions and shampoos from the same range to help you stay smelling fresh longer. People love to smell good and love it even more when someone passes by wearing a nice, unique fragrance.
You have to get in the mood of buying right fragrances that are available in the market. You can choose types of fragrances which are light in scent or which have a strong scent. Also you need to stay well hydrated. Staying hydrated keeps your skin moisturized, which actually allows pleasant scents from lotions or fragrances to adhere to your skin better. Have a nice weekend!