A show of Asian shuwa

Kabeer Yousuf –
Muscat, May 26 –

For celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor, the recent visit to the Sultanate was not just about visiting the place, but a rendezvous with some traditional Arab recipes,
Well before his flight touched down at the Muscat Airport over a weekend, the chef known for his ‘Global Flavours, Local Style’ had gathered enough details about the chefs and eateries in the capital.
With the help of a leading hypermarket that brought the celebrity man to Oman, Kunal rushed to meet Chef Eisa al Lamki, who gave some quick tips on Omani cooking.
Both went out and tried out some Shuwa and Mandi together and the technique of cooking Shuwa was tried while preparing some Asian dishes.
“Chef Eisa and I went out and made Omani Shuwa and Mandi right from scratch and took some five hours for preparation. Chef Eisa was kind enough to teach me some techniques which were new to me. The joint preparation of Shuwa and Mandi are currently available on my YouTube channel. For sure, I will use Omani cooking techniques in preparing Asian foods,” said Kapoor.
“When we travel and after we eat a new dish, we take back home the combination of condiments, the mix of spices, way of cooking, combination of flavours, among others. From Oman, what attracted me is the way Shuwa is prepared, which is cooked underground. Besides trying this method in preparing Asian foods, I will also try to prepare Omani style Dak Mutton which is a slow cook and serve it with the South Indian dosa”, Kunal adds.
Thus, two traditions and cultures will be again connected with gastronomy. Chef Kunal who has several feathers in his hat, including his accolades from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is an inevitable name in international summits held in India. He cooked for 42 first ladies during the India -Africa Summit, also had an interactive cooking session with them during their visit.
“The whole world is connected by food. Food has no language and it’s a powerful tool to connect people with different backgrounds. The power of food is fast expanding and more people are intertwined with the invisible gastronomic chords. We all are connected together”, the chef said.
He has been honoured with Dr S Radhakrishnan National Media Network Award. The Indian Television Academy awarded him for the best jury/ anchor on television for Junior Masterchef India. Kunal is the proud recipient of the prestigious ‘Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship 2012’ from the Government of New Zealand in the field of Food & Beverage.
An all-in-one Indian celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Kunal Kapur has helped millions of food lovers get a taste of his cooking secrets through his cookbooks.