Seminar on Abu Zakaria begins in Nizwa

NIZWA: A seminar entitled “Reading of the Thought of Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Said (472 AH/1079), one of the scholars of the 5th Hijri century, 11th century, began in Oman Cultural Centre in Nizwa under the auspices of Isa bin Hamad al Azri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, amid official and cultural presence. The seminar is organised by the literary Forum of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.
The seminar began with a speech by Khamis bin Rashid al Azri, Chairman of the Literary Forum in which he talked about the importance of organising a seminar about one of the Omani scholars, reminding of his cultural role in the scientific movement in the era in which, the judge and Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Said lived in, and the role he played in developing the judicial system in Oman, and his contribution to the construction of the constitutional system, or what is known as the biography of Muslims.
The seminar includes the presentation of four sessions over two consecutive days. Two sessions were held today in which Younis bin Jamil al Noamani, presented a paper on the biography of Abu Zakaria and the era in which he lived.
Dr Badriyah bint Ali al Shuaibiyah presented a paper on Abu Zakaria political and cultural era. Nasser bin Sulaiman al Sabi, presented a research paper on the judiciary in the time of Abu Zakaria.
Ahmed bin Suleiman al Busafi, presented a paper about the jurisprudence of Abu Zakaria.
The two sessions were moderated by Dr Mohammed bin Nasser al Mahrouqi.
The seminar continued its proceedings on Wednesday with the presentation of four other papers dealing with the works of Abu Zakaria, a reading in his book “Al Idhah in Al Ahkam”, a reading of a judicial record from the book of the provisions of Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Said, and to highlight the constitutional work in Abu Zakaria’ s time.