See you in 2019

Muscat Festival 2018, an annual convergence of heritage and culture, fun and frolic, amusement and adrenaline pumping rides is coming to a close at the two major venues, Amerat Park and Naseem Gardens today. The 18th edition of the fest that saw tens of thousands of people from diverse walks of life visiting hundreds of pavilions representing scores of countries from across the globe.

“This year, we celebrated 20th anniversary of the Muscat Festival after we launched it in 1998, at Qurum natural Park”, said Khalid bin Mohammed al Bahram, Assistant Chairman of Muscat Municipality for Services Affairs and Assistant Chairman of the Muscat Organising Committee.
Officials said since this year’s festival coincided with the mid-year vacation for schools, colleges and universities, families got an opportunity to enjoy the festival with all their members in the pleasant weather.
The annual fete which began on January 18 will be followed by Tour of Oman for six days, from February 13.
Yet another attraction of this year is the Oman Bride Show and its allied fashion shows, held at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre where a large contingent of international media assembled glimpses of the festival.
Various cultural and traditional shows were conducted in coordination with the Omani Society for Writers and Literati, the Cultural Club and the Omani Journalist Association,
and the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Oman Photographic Society and the Omani Film Society.
The Oman Photography Forum hosted a group of photographers from the Sultanate and the world, while book corner, literary café, brought together Omani intellectuals, writers, artists.
“We are leaving Oman next week after the Tour of Oman and we thoroughly enjoyed our holidays in Oman with the festival”, Christoph and his family who arrived in Oman last week for the festival said.