Salalah Tourism Festival to get social media push

Salalah, June 11 – The ‘movers and shakers’ of social media are gearing up to promote Dhofar as it prepares for Salalah Tourism Festival.
Some 35 individuals, some of them considered social media celebrities due to their large following, gathered in Salalah to take stock of the situation and apprise their followers about the ongoing restoration work and plans for the season.
Their accounts on social media matter as they are treated as prominent social networking leaders.
The followers trust them for the information they share through their accounts.
Together, the 35 networking leaders have some four million followers.
These leaders work with a mission to highlight various tourist sites of Oman by visiting them and highlighting many unknown tourist attractions for visitors as well as other tourism stakeholders.
While in Salalah, these campaigners also visited some families affected by Cyclone Mekunu.
The idea is the brainchild of Mona al Mashaniya, who said that if used properly, social media is an effective tool for campaigning for any cause.
“This was our largest solidarity campaign through social networking networks with the help of young men and women for promoting tourism season 2018, especially after Cyclone Mekunu.”

The networking leaders met in Salalah with active participation from Tourism Committee of Dhofar Chapter of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), Dhofar Municipality, Omantel and many other establishments.
“The idea is to convey to the followers and the community that things are returning to normal for visitors as the governorate has made all possible efforts to resume connectivity to all tourist sites before the advent of the Khareef season,” she said.
According to Al Mashniya, Dhofar is preparing for an exceptional tourist season.“So we are keen to share this with the world, especially the Gulf and Arab residents, that many false pictures and videos were doing the rounds regarding damage to infrastructure due to cyclone.”
“Our aim is to reach as many people as possible and tell the truth that there were damages but most of them have been rectified and work is on at a fast pace at the rest of the facilities,” she said.

Kaushalendra Singh