Salalah student’s gets slot for painting in international peace calendar again

Artists are beyond boundaries. So is Prateek Das, a Grade IX student, whose painting got a slot in a prestigious international peace calendar for second consecutive year. Last year his birds painting had got November slot in the calendar, while this year he has been accorded April slot in which camels have been featured to send a message of peace.

The peace calendar is an initiative of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, which is run through collaboration of two non-government organisations, Mission Bhartiyam of India and Hum Sab Ek Hain of Pakistan.
A student of Indian School Salalah, Prateek used peace loving birds and animals in his calendar paintings to show their innocence and sometimes their eagerness to jump the boundaries and spread the message of peace everywhere.
The sixth edition of the peace calendar has been launched in Delhi and Lahore.
“Peace basically is a human instinct, which is sometimes more profound in animals and birds. Their innocence inspires me to draw and when I see my works finding place in prestigious calendars like this, I feel that I am successful in conveying the right message,” said Prateek.
A happy yet humble and shy Prateek is from Indian state of Odisha. He gives credit to his teachers who taught him painting and encouraged to take part in such competitions.
“I know there are many painters far better than me but they do not get opportunity to participate. I also thank my parents for motivating me to take part in such events,” he said.
He rues the vast school syllabus which does not allow him to do much of painting.
“I haven’t done any after sending this reluctantly for participation in the peace calendar. Since I was selected last year, I was not sure about my selection again, but a mail from one of the organisers made me pleasantly surprised.”
The teacher who taught Prateek the basics of painting in his childhood was very happy to hear about his student’s success. “Prateek is one of my favourite students. I am happy over his ability to think out of the box. He has great abilities as I have never seen such a work among students in his age…He is dedicated, good observer and eager to learn. He is an abstract painter,” said Himanshu Sekhar Parida who himself is a renowned sculptor and designer.

An excellent scorer in school, Prateek knows how to balance between study and hobby. He also plays football, takes part in sports event, listens to music and admits that he is far away from the practical aspects of life. “I need to work on that,” he nodded.