Salalah Methanol, CAS reiterate mutual aid

SALALAH, Feb 14 – Salalah Methanol Company and Salalah College of Applied Science (CAS) took part in a joint event to honour successful employees of Salalah Methanol who completed eight-week course in English language organised by the Community Service Committee in cooperation with the English Department of the college. Awadh bin Hassan al Shanfari, CEO of Salalah Methanol, called the association with the CAS a fruitful venture in developing the soft skills of employees. “I congratulate the employees who have successfully completed this course and thank CAS Salalah for offering this opportunity.
We look forward to many more opportunities to engage with the college,” he said. Dr Ahmed Balkhair, Dean of the Applied Science College in Salalah, said the college is committed to connect with the community and open to have industry-college co-operation, which is a win-win situation for both. Commenting on the Community Service Committee, Dr Ahmed said, “The committee is a partnership between the college and private sector to meet the requirements of job market.
We have nominated one member each from Salalah Methanol, Oman Airports Management Company, and Raysut Cement Company in it,” he said.
The selection of these companies are based on their strategic values, which CAS Salalah uses in fulfilling its own academic and industry requirements, while the associate companies get a forum to implement their corporate social responsibilities.