Salalah hosts West Asia Paralympic Federation meeting

The 5th General Assembly Election Meeting of West Asia Paralympic Federation is going on in Salalah with participation from 12 Middle East countries.
The meeting, which will conclude on Friday, is crucial as Oman is one of the candidates for vice-president’s position along with Saudi Arab, Bahrain and Kuwait.
Dr Mansoor al Touqi, President of the Paralympic Committee, said the meeting as well as its venue is very important.
“The meeting would see election for different posts of the Federation, race for which is good and healthy. The state-of-the-art venue, Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Recreation, is hosting first sports related international event.”
“The participants are drawn from 12 countries including Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and GCC countries. They are impressed with the complex features and facilities.
“By hosting this event, we are able showcase something truly of international standards and promote Salalah as an important destination for conference and sports tourism destination,” he said.
Commenting further, Dr Al Touqi said that the idea also is to make the Complex a representative structure for all.