Running business with no expertise

It’s not everyone’s game to run a business regardless of how big or small it is. As long as the business requires proper funding, attention and management, it needs a capable person.
Perhaps someone with a bit of expertise at least, could be an easygoing and strong-hearted person people who can withstand the headache of business.
Business sometimes brings unexpected surprises as the ‘win and lose’ game is always there, especially in the initial stages. Then, it gets smoother.
Any real business should have a clear mission and vision so that it focuses on a certain area. It should not contradict with people’s interests, ethics and values.
What is significant is that personal relations between people should not be sacrificed for a business. Such relations are meant to last forever and not to be spoiled by fraud deals. As a matter of fact, hypocrisy and dishonesty don’t go along running a real business.
If companies always think of nothing but money and making profit, they might lose customers and the business too. They need to think wisely on how to manage business and make realistic profit.
Taking advantage of people is neither honourable nor a right way of doing business. Cheating people for a living or making profit is inhumane.
Unfortunately, it’s happening a lot with many businessmen. Possibly, businessmen are not considering the importance of sustaining their customers and ensuring their satisfaction.
Unfortunately, a lot of fake deals are being made in the market of late. Poor customers are suffering because of this. Unfortunately, some young Omanis are getting involved in some unstable or illegal businesses.
The lack of sufficient experience is the key reason behind them being caught up in such wrong businesses. Some are dragged by deceiving expat colleagues. Others have been misled by their immaturity and greediness to make quick and big profits, so they cheat people, and take advantage of them.
With the emergence of Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), thousands of business deals have been reported illegitimate. Plenty of material, especially foodstuff, have been found unhealthy. Some are not even up to manufacturing and production standards.
The other groceries are found to contain poisonous substances that are unfit for human consumption. Not only small businesses, even big ones such as automobile dealers, are getting trapped.
Thanks to the public authority personnel for leaving no stone unturned in monitoring the market and chasing all those dishonest businessmen. Thousands of cases have been reported to courts and many young Omanis are going behind bars for being involved in fraudulent businesses.
Thanks to PACP and other government bodies for protecting consumers from illegitimate business deals or products. Individuals should join forces with the authorities concerned in fighting fraud and illegal businesses as well as chasing dishonest businessmen in the country.
If such deals or businesses are found, they should be reported to the authorities immediately. Obtaining real evidence of such incidents is also a must to prove that illegal businesses are threatening both the country and the individuals.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami