Royal Hospital reduces incidence of bedsore

MUSCAT: By a programme called “safety procedures to avoid bedsore”, the Royal Hospital has managed to reduce the incidence of bedsores in all inpatients sections in the hospital. The incidence of bedsore is not exceeding 0, 6 per 100 admitted patients compared to the global rate, which amounts to 4 per 100 admitted patients. The method applied by the nursing staff in the hospital is to change position of the paralysed patient regularly and skin daily care. This includes examining the skin in order to check any imminent damage, washing the skin with soap and water and drying well, not leaving the skin, bed or cloths wet, as well as not leaving the skin excessively dry. The nursing staff are being trained to use the appropriate equipment in treating the bedsore and providing the health care and food for the patients. The pressure ulcers spreads among the patients who admitted in the hospitals for a long period. A significant percentage appears to the patients over 70-year old. — ONA