ROP launches new e-visa for travellers from 67 countries

Royal Oman Police (ROP) today launched the Omani e-Visa under the auspices of Yousef bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, in the presence of Lt-Gen Hassan bin Mohsen al-Shraiqi, Inspector-General of
Police and Customs.
Yousef bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, pointed out that the facilitation and development of visas covers all the world, stressing the importance of using the visa system to maintain the safety of arrivals and departures and to facilitate those who come to the Sultanate either for tourism, work, investment or other services without complicated procedures.
Minister of Tourism Ahmed bin Nasser al-Mahrzi said that the most important elements of the tourism sector is the easy access to the destination country through visas, indicating that the launching of the Omani e-Visa is a significant progress that will give a strong reason for obtaining the visa with easiness.
Brigadier. Hilal bin Ahmed al- Busaidi, Director General of Passports and Residency, said in a press conference that work is underway on two visas, which include the list of 67 tourist countries and the list of professions up to (116), adding that work is underway on the GCC residents list. He added that the two visa applicants can get it directly and very easily, noting that over the past seven days the number of applicants for the e-visa reached two percent, and expressed the hope that there will be a rise in this number in the coming days. He pointed out that there is no ban for any country or nationality and includes all countries of the world, but the entry process was in stages and that for the 67 country list the procedures for obtaining a visa on their arrival to the Sultanate, and now will be done
through an application through the ROP website, confirming that simplification and facilitation covers all countries and nationalities.
The e-Visa project aims to facilitate the obtaining of visas and fee-paying through the online payment portal in preparation for obtaining the visa and also linking it with the relevant ministries, such as the Ministry of Manpower with regard to work-permit, with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to find out the validity of the commercial register and with the Ministry of Civil Service in respect of government visas for foreign civil servants.